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My Magical Day A Jess and Spence One Shot
My Magical Day; A Jess/Spence One Shot
We agreed to meet by the water like last time, like our first date. I was there first but not by much, he walked up a couple minutes later. "Hey Jess" he said smiling as he hugged me. "I've missed you Spence" I replied hugging him back. We started walking along the water to the Starbucks that we went to on our first date but this time, we didn't have anyone with us and he wasn't here with the band. He came just to hang out with me. We walked into Starbucks, him holding the door for me, I ordered and he pushed past me gently before I was even done ordering. "You're not paying this time" he smiled as he pulled out his card and paid for our coffee. We walked around Downtown Disney while we talked about family, Metro, new songs, and anything that came into our heads. We laughed as we talked and eventually decided to leave Downtown Disney and meet up at the actual parks. We decided to go to Magic Kingdom, he drove behind me closely following. He got ou
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Idk but I like doing these..
1) Favorite Book
2) Favorite Song
3) Favorite Kiss in movie
4) iPhone or Android
5) Last movie seen
6) Last song heard
7) Last song bought on phone
8) Last text message sent
9) How are you?
10) Celeb crushes. BOY + GIRL
1) Harry Potter series or the Percy Jackson/ The Lost Hero series
2) Oh gosh... 'This Fricken song' by The Janoskians or 'She looks so Perfect' by 5SOS rn
3) Idk if this ever happened cause I don't remember any DW movie they did but David Tennant and Billie Piper
4)Have both, a galaxy s3 I hate and an original iPhone that only works on wifi. I want an actual iPhone that works more than just on wifi though
5)In theaters... Rio 2 maybe. Not in theaters then Sherlock Holmes
6)Oh God I worked yesterday morning and never really listened to anything when I was home so hang on lemme put my songs on shuffle..... Ok so it's How Do You Sleep by Jesse McCartney ft Luda
7) I only buy songs on my iPhone that only works on wifi sooo
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Ariel as the Doctor by 102obsessions Ariel as the Doctor :icon102obsessions:102obsessions 4 0 Halloween meme late by 102obsessions Halloween meme late :icon102obsessions:102obsessions 0 0 Arrow Summoner Wu by 102obsessions Arrow Summoner Wu :icon102obsessions:102obsessions 0 0 Jen Character sheet by 102obsessions Jen Character sheet :icon102obsessions:102obsessions 0 0 Me as a wolf and dog for a rp by 102obsessions Me as a wolf and dog for a rp :icon102obsessions:102obsessions 2 0
A Firebender's life Book 1 Chapter 1
                                     Book 1: Friendship
                                     Chapter 1: Punishment
               I walked up to him, he seemed bigger on his throne, scarier. "Pl-please forgive me. I didn't mean any disrespect, I just don't see why we have to punish them" I whimpered afraid of him knowing what he did to his own son. "Do you expect me to let them to live after they rebelled like that!? Do you WANT them to overtake us!? Do you want us to lose!?" he screamed at me. "No. I just don't think they should have had to go through that" I said. When I finished speaking I heard a feminine laugh before seeing her "father you should punish her, better yet, let me" she grinned. "Very well, I'll put you in charge of her punishment" he said wav
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Melody's heart meme by 102obsessions Melody's heart meme :icon102obsessions:102obsessions 1 8
Melody's September Music hw
I sat in my room and sighed softly, thinking of what I was going to do for my homework. All of a sudden I had the greatest idea, a rhythm game from when I was a child. I turned on my laptop and started up omegle and my webcam, setting music as my interests. As soon as the first person popped up, I explained how the rhythm game would go. The concept was fairly simple, all you had to do was clap and say tea or coffee to a certain beat. The tea stood for whole notes and the coffee stood for half notes I believe. We would come up with new beats as  we went on trying to make it more difficult. "Tea tea coffEE tea tea tea tea coffEE" was one of the ones that the person said. I copied it and added a couple teas and coffees before thanking her and moving to the next person and doing the same thing. I did this for a couple hours, recording each person before I decided I had enough footage. I started editing it thinking of famous youtubers that I watch that have done the same thing, to get
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I got tagged again
1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the persons you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 10 persons and put their icons on your journal
5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tagged
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. What is your quest?
4. What is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
5. Why do we avoid risks in life only to make it to a safer death?
6. Why is Camelot a silly place?
7. How many times do you need to build a castle in a swamp until it doesn't sink?
8. Is love really all you need?
9. What do you get when a dragon sneezes?
10. A double rainbow? What does it mean??
1. Jennifer but you can call me Jen or Jenny :)
2. Blue
3. Quest? Uhm.... to find gold?
4. Oh gosh uhm 56mph?
5. Because people are afraid of dy
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I got tagged
1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the persons you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 10 persons and put their icons on your journal
5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tagged
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
1.  T.v or computer.
2. Favorite snack.
3.  Type of phone you have.
4. Fav school subject.
5. Where do you live? (Counrty)
6. Do you like 5SOS? If so fav member?
7. Fav zoo animal.
8. Siblings? how many? Names?
9. Grade your in?
10. Ice Cream or Frozen Yougurt?
1. Computer
2. I don't really snack but... cheetos I guess?
3. Stupid android uhm S3 I think -.-
4. Well I don't have many classes so I guess English but if you include ones I'm not taking right now, band
5. U.S.A
6. Don't really listen to them or think about them, I know they're from Australia and opened for 1D and I th
:icon102obsessions:102obsessions 0 1
Ok guys should I continue writing my Little Things Contest story I wrote in December? I know people have been wanting more but I haven't thought of anything. I'm thinking of continuing it now though. However if you still want more, then I want to know you guys want more and last time I touched on the subject of Zayn smoking and Jen cutting so who should be afflicted by something this time? Liam? Niall? Harry? Lou? Or should it be Jen and Zayn's daughter? And what should it be? I'm thinking of looking up a bunch of mental illnesses and using those to help bring attention to the severity of them like how I did with Jen and her cutting/depression or Zayn's addiction to smoking. So, tell me your suggestions guys! In a couple days or so I'll probably have a list of my picks and I can add your suggestions to them and you guys can help me decide. Sound good?
:icon102obsessions:102obsessions 0 0
Luke Brooks Dark
My friend had gotten us tickets to this new boyband that she liked and we were on our way to the concert while we were talking. "So, is this boyband any good?" I asked curious if they could sing or if they just faked it like some artists do "first they are #NotABoyband and second yes they are very good" she gushed as she drove, going on and on about how hot and funny they were and how good of singers they were. When we finally got there we showed the people our tickets and went to sit in our seat which wasn't too far from the stage. While we were waiting I pulled out my phone and scrolled through twitter, all of a sudden the lights went dark and I heard an Australian accent. "Hey guys we're the Janoskians, and this is going to be another failed video" making me look up at a screen that was playing these 5 guys, some of them were actually pretty hot. The second the one stopped speaking it quickly went through a bunch of videos, playing a few every now and then until the light on the sta
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Janoskians by 102obsessions Janoskians :icon102obsessions:102obsessions 0 0 Woof? by 102obsessions Woof? :icon102obsessions:102obsessions 1 122
omi gee check out mah stuffs and ill luff yaz forevahh, thankies if ya do XD fav and comment if its good enough plz
:iconglompplz: and :iconjacobblackplz: or :iconcullenplz: will take off their shirts 4 ya, if ur a dude.....idk wat to say srry


Ronnie......Again! by MyNameIsPanicChild Ronnie......Again! :iconmynameispanicchild:MyNameIsPanicChild 23 1 Ronnie Radke Poster by Natsa666 Ronnie Radke Poster :iconnatsa666:Natsa666 33 12 Ronnie Radke by thatuniquechick Ronnie Radke :iconthatuniquechick:thatuniquechick 8 0 Ronnie Radke! by NessaKittyRadke Ronnie Radke! :iconnessakittyradke:NessaKittyRadke 4 0 Ronnie Radke Desert wallpaper by avrilfan12341 Ronnie Radke Desert wallpaper :iconavrilfan12341:avrilfan12341 21 2 Ronnie Radke by BlackFaeBird Ronnie Radke :iconblackfaebird:BlackFaeBird 41 12 Ronnie Radke by AmandaSweet Ronnie Radke :iconamandasweet:AmandaSweet 27 4 Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse pencil Finished by booters Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse pencil Finished :iconbooters:booters 111 25 Ronnie Radke by Little-Miss-Boxie Ronnie Radke :iconlittle-miss-boxie:Little-Miss-Boxie 204 7 Trace Cyrus by xchandelier Trace Cyrus :iconxchandelier:xchandelier 63 19 never trust a fox by ohlazarus never trust a fox :iconohlazarus:ohlazarus 300 9 Gonna Be... Fantastic! by LicieOIC Gonna Be... Fantastic! :iconlicieoic:LicieOIC 149 4 Austin Mahone,Alex Constancio by XxWolvesCryxX Austin Mahone,Alex Constancio :iconxxwolvescryxx:XxWolvesCryxX 2 0 Sexy Austin Mahone 4 by StephenDarvilleArt Sexy Austin Mahone 4 :iconstephendarvilleart:StephenDarvilleArt 6 1 Swap It Out by AnnaRider Swap It Out :iconannarider:AnnaRider 13 4 Sexy Austin Mahone 2 by StephenDarvilleArt Sexy Austin Mahone 2 :iconstephendarvilleart:StephenDarvilleArt 9 21
k these ppl have awesome stuffs so look through and check em' out give em' sum :iconloveplz:


Mrs.Jenny Weasley
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
bloop is random and currently loves :heart: Fang from maximum ride hes hawt in mah mind lmaoz hey a squirll *chases* he's mah pet nao XD :iconimhighplz:


Current Residence: um my brain lolz
deviantWEAR sizing preference: who cares
Favourite genre of music: anything catchy
Favourite photographer: idk robert blake?
Favourite style of art: idk anime i guess
Operating System: ummmm idk wat ur talking bout
MP3 player of choice: mah zune
Shell of choice: any pretty one
Wallpaper of choice: anyone with ppl i'm obsessed w/
Skin of choice: umm idk........Adam Lambert??
Favourite cartoon character: L from death note!, the marauders as kids, inuyasha, itchigo, any that iz kewl
Personal Quote: " Padfoot pwns uu" cause i like sirius/padfoot nao so XD

oh mi gee new stories being relesed

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2009, 7:43 PM
k idk when i'll release mky random fma story i was telling ranmafanz about because i have a story i'm currently writing with more intrest
and for lack of a better name i'm titling it just a little Jake story unless you my watchers and friends can come up with a better title for me, it'd be greatly appreciated

list of stories in the making:
just a little Jake story (Jacob Black :icondroolplz:)
a random FMA story
Another Maximum Ride story
The Beast Within Revised (i'm at a writes block so i'll slowly upload this one till where i'm stuck)
The Case Of The Haunted High School which I am slowly writing for english honors and I will upload evetually, me and a friend are writing it

stories i might make (thinking about in my head currently):
a "The Secret of N.I.M.H" one that i need a title to
a "casper" one that i would need a title to (ya know the friendly ghost)

any already made i need to add to:
just look through my gallery and tell me the ones you want me to continue and if i gte good ideas and enbough votes for that one i'll continue it but after my jake story is good and going XD

so i might post my Jake story on 12/2 or something what do you think? and of course as now im going to put it on 2 paragraphs at a time so i have 8 parts ready for you pplz XD

oh and if you read the twilight series you know how their clothes get like ripped and stuff when they transform well in my story if we wear tight clothes they stay on (yes like anamorphs) so you guys on like the 9th part will see a random rant because i'm walking with 2 people then we go human so i have 2 options in parentheseis' (sp?)<those for you to decide what you want, if you wanna get technical then there ya are, if not there ya are

savvy? thankies for readin this n ttylzzzz

  • Listening to: 15 playing in my head
  • Reading: new moon again (skool) eclipse (home) 4 jake XD
  • Watching: Taylor Launtner stuffs
  • Playing: with my brain writin a storeh
  • Eating: my tounge
  • Drinking: water



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